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Sun, Aug 22, 2021 10:15 PM

I was a DirecTV customer for 25 years.

I was a loyal DirecTV customer for over 25 years & mailed a check to DirecTV every month. I turned in my receiver last year.  My DirecTV dish is still attached to my house where we've lived since 1993. We would like to try DirecTV again. I would like to re-activate my account with the same channels without any bells or whistles (or sports channels).  I do not want to rent any equipment. I want to pay with a check, monthly or annually.  If the receiver is shipped to me I can install it myself.  My wife doesn't want an installer in our home due to the recent surge in COVID cases.   We currently have and watch 22 ATSC broadcast channels, we often stream movies and tv shows, but wanted to see how affordable DirecTV is in 2021. 

Thank you.

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3 m ago

You never rent DirecTV equipment as that has never been one of their options. If you were a legacy Primestar customer, that is the one that had a rental option. Otherwise if your account was purely DirecTV to begin with, you never rented your boxes. You pay for your receiver services and each authorized TV on the service. Price is the same regardless if the boxes were owned by you or DirecTV ('leased').

Sorry but DirecTV does not have a self-install option. So to setup up new equipment a tech would be required.

If your old receiver was still returnable, that suggests updated equipment meaning your dish should be current. Do you recall the model of box you returned?

Like most companies they are not setup for a annual payment option. You can either manually make your payment each month or setup autopay. Caution on paying by check as they do not take responsibility if it is received late, regardless of the reason.

Available packages change over time and even existing ones go through channel updates. So it depends on what channels you watch on what current package would best suit you. The only channels without sports at all are Family and Select. Choice and above you get the Regional Sport Networks (RNS) for where you live and as such have the RSN fee on the bill. Entertainment (between Select and Choice), doesn't have the RSNs (so no RSN fee), but does have a few simple sport channels (like ESPN and ESPN2), so would not be a good one for you.

I would ask if they still have Preferred Xtra. Was a special package for those that watch little to no sports. Has a few simple sport channels, but no RSNs (no RSN fee), while including non-sport channels from at least the Xtra level. Supposedly it was still available recently, but don't be surprised if it has been grandfathered. After all sports is one of DirecTV's biggest selling points.

We cannot see what kind of returning(winback) offer you might receive, as this is a public forum of other customers. You must call DirecTV to discuss options. However no matter what you are told, read the order confirmation so you can verify how everything lines up including value and length of any discounts you might get.

Be aware that AT&T is no longer the sole owner of DirecTV. So website information may be subject to change in the near future.


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