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Friday, March 24th, 2023 1:31 AM

Installation appointment!?? .. (Edited per community guidelines)

​The (Edited per community guidelines) lady initially told me that my installation appointment is on March 22nd and I replied great see u sooner then later and hung up. The day before yesterday I chatted with someone who actually said the 9th month is my installation appointment!! I was shocked because it's March.. so what the (Edited per community guidelines) is going on? Is this some kind of scam??? Is it all about getting as many as u can to sign up for commission and (Edited per community guidelines) off the rest of the essential parts of the process lo l or breach contract and pay $480.00 TF. They gave me numbers after I brought this to their attention and one number didn't work and they've been giving the run around ever since!! ​


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2 months ago

Make sure you're calling DirecTV's official number.

Like many companies they are short staffed on techs since the pandemic. Too often this resluts in rescheduling needed as they try to juggle their available workforce and appointments to take care of. Not a good time for any side of this issue.

The Early Cancellation Fee (ECF) only applies if you cancel after install and activation. If needed you can close the order before the service agreement locked in.

Let's leave the lady's ancestry (or assumed ancestry) out of it. Don't want to be inventing more problems.


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