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Wed, Jan 27, 2021 7:19 PM

loyalty discount

We have been a loyal customer of Directv/AT&T since 1996.  We were given a loyalty discount last year and it ends Jan. 2021.  I called and talked to 4 different employees today - none of them could even answer questions or help me.  What is going on with customer service?  I get mailings weekly from AT&T with huge discounts for NEW customers......Really!!  What about trying to keep your loyal customers?  I am just really tired of this every single year.  If someone doesn't contact me with a reasonable offer, I am seriously considering just cancelling this.  There are plenty other ways to watch TV these days.  This is just a real shame that loyal customers are treated this way.





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8 m ago

the ceo has stopped any additional discount for existing customers last year gone are the days of calling every year for discounts, you have to pay full price like everyone else now



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8 m ago

Traditionally new discounts aren't available until after the current one ends. Otherwise their system shows a discount still being received, so reduces/eliminates any offers.

The main issue is too many customers were getting too much in discounts over time, so operating at a loss (or at high risk to do so). As such their CEO announced a while back that discounts would be pulled back while they address problem accounts. After that has balanced out, discounts are expected to return but in moderation.

In the end discounts are temporary perks, not a guaranteed ongoing benefit for loyalty. They are a business. Enjoy discounts when they are there, but plan for normal cost. If you cannot afford service without discounts, then it is your responsibility to reduce service until within a cost comfortable for you.

You will not be contacted with an offer, that is not how it works. You call them. Since this is a matter considering switching service, when you get the voice prompt say "cancel" so you can speak to their retention department. They can only work within their options, so be aware they may not have the discounts you want. If their options don't work, then close your account if you can't handle it and try elsewhere.

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