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Thursday, December 17th, 2020 7:43 PM

My services were suspended!

My services were suspended.  Surprise!  I am going with dish now.  I have had directv since 1998 and worked in the customer service for 8 years.  This is hard times and do you think I could get a break.  No!  I have had it with the billing and programming issues.  Credit my account and turn it back on!

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4 years ago

Goes past due.

Surprised turned off.

Demands a credit to turn service back on.

Threatens going to Dish who would do the same thing.

Seriously? Umm...NO.

Sorry but that is not how companies work. TV is an entertainment service, not a necessary utility, so doesn't get special protections. They are a business. If you can't pay your bill, then it is your responsibility to reduce services to within budget or even seeing about a temporary suspension (before you are past due) to give some breathing room. This should be no surprise to someone who has worked in the customer service field for "8 years".



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4 years ago

this is a customer populated forum not directv they wont see your post and none of us can credit you anything or turn your service on, i do know if you were shut off for non payment they will require the account to be paid to zero before services are restored. nobody you talk to on the phone can bypass the requirement, they made it that way because too many customers and employees were abusing the system, computers dont feel emotion

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4 years ago

Did you ask for a payment arrangement BEFORE your bill was due?


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