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Sunday, May 14th, 2023 7:04 PM

Pay For View

Boxing show ordered 4/22/2023. We are 76 years old, plus dog and alone. Had Directv for 25 years and never ordered a Pay For View. How can this happen? 
Nancy in Florida

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5 months ago

Hello Nancy, We appreciate your loyalty to us and would love to clarify what could happen with this Pay Per View. To better assist you, I will reach out to you via a PM. Sergio, DIRECTV Community Specialist

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5 months ago

PPV can be ordered by the remote, over the phone, or also through your account online.

If you speak with DirecTV, they can verify by what method the PPV was ordered.

To protect against ordering from the remote, even accidental (yourself, dog, guest, etc.): Menu > Setings & Help > Settings > Parental Controls > Spending Limits. As it is per PPV, not a total limit or resetting with your bill cycle, set it to $0. This needs to be done on any box you have.

You mention having DirecTV for 25 yeras. Do you still have boxes that old? I ask as they are shutting down their older SD-only feeds. If you still have legacy boxes, you will need to call DirecTV for a complimentary MPEG swap. To be sure, what are the models of each box you have? Just so you don't have problems later.


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