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Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023 11:36 PM


I have been with Directtv for some time.  We sold our home and put directtv on pause while we stayed in apartment for 3 months.  We we moved into our new home I was setting up appointments to get service restarted.  The gentleman who answered my call said no we will just start new account, that would be better.  Well this left a credit of $176.46.  In October got a statement and said refund of that amount issued.  Really?? Where is it.  I have talked to so many people in customer service all the way to being told to call the company who issues the gift card with the credit on it. Again, no help.   Who do I reach out to to get the refund that is due?  This has been going on way to long.

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3 months ago

You should probably file a BBB complaint in order to get everything sorted out properly.


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3 months ago

DTV generally doesn't start a new account but will setup a movers order.


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3 months ago


Your account was supposed to brought out of suspension and a Movers order placed. Instead, the agent started a new account to get a new customer commission. That is account fraud by that agent. File a BBB complaint.


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