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Friday, August 5th, 2022 6:21 PM

We lost a discount

Our bill came in about 20 bucks higher than normal.    I went to a AT&T Store and a nice lady said that she was not allowed to call for us and gave me the 800 number for customer service.   That fellow told me to go to direct tv.com   and then transferred me to customer service,   That person did nothing.   I want to 15 dollar discount back.   I always thought it was a military discount as I was in the Marine Corps for 30 years/   Thee is also a NFL Sunday thing on my bill that I did not as for,     Please remove it.   I have always liked AT&T and do not want to leave Direct TV.   The bill is due today, August 5th.  Do not charge me a late fee.   If I hear from you today and the amount due is close to 111 dollars. I will pay it.   My email address is [Edited per community guidelines]

Thank You

Clyde [Edited per community guidelines]


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10 months ago

First, please remove your private email address. This is not an official customer support forum. We're customers like you. We cannot fix this for you. You need to call DirecTV at the number below. Note that AT&T spun off DirecTV, so going to an AT&T store won't help you, either. 


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10 months ago

AT&T stores can only send in new orders they can't handle existing DTV accounts.

AT&Ts CEO stated years ago that there will be no more discounts for existing customers and there never was a military discount as DTV doesn't have any type of group discounts.

AT&T still owns 70% of DTV.


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10 months ago


AT&T store employees are not DirecTV employees. Though AT&T owns DirecTV (now 70% majority share per the new co-owner), the stores work more as a 3rd party. They can only order service for a new customer and then are hands off.

DirecTV does not have military discounts. They do not categorize their customers (low income, senior citizen, etc.). Any discounts are based on your individual account.

NFL Sunday Ticket is common for part of an intro offer. If you had it last season, even from the free intro offer, it works on an auto renew. The renewal notice is on the June bill with the 1st of 6 installments on the July bill. You have until the NFL season starts to call DirecTV and opt out. Any charged installments credit back on the following bill.

Discounts are not an obligation of service. If you cannot afford service without discounts, then it is your responsibilty to reduce service until within budget. Certainly enjoy a discount when it is there, but understand they are temporary. There is no permanent discount for your service. We get you want the $15 back, but understand those are temporary perks.

Any adjustments made, such as removing or reducing service, will show on the next bill. They only send one bill a month. However, the time until the next bill cycle starts is a built-in grace period. A late fee only charges if there is a remaining past due when the bill cycle starts. So before then, but after the listed due date, you get past due notifications but no late fee yet.

This is a public forum, so never post your name, email, or any other personal info. For official support you must call DirecTV as always.

And remember, it is DirecTV, not Direct TV. Something to be careful of as a lot of scams out there use such a minor misspelling to hide in plain sight.


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