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Wednesday, March 27th, 2024 4:32 PM

Worst customer support ever!

I have no signal on a tv that I watch frequently. Tech support by phone was NO help after an hour and a half on the phone. Was told a “technician “ would call to set up an appointment to come to the house. The equipment is so old I’m sure it needs to be replaced. After waiting 3 days, I called customer service. They tell me I DO have an appointment set…..for two weeks away! No one ever talked to me about setting up anything! And, I work on the day they set it up! Just spent another hour on the phone trying to explain this. So I’m without my tv but not without the bill they will send anyway! As soon as I can, I am canceling my service completely and going to streaming tv. They are the worst service providers I have ever seen!

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2 months ago

Hi, @Dhod. We're sorry you had no service for days and for the experience you had over the phone. We'll send you a DM to check your appointment status. Justine, DIRECTV Community Specialist

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2 months ago


Being told you would be called later to schedule an appointment should only happen if there are no available appointments showing within the next 30 days so it has to be sorted by the local dispatch. To have it scheduled without talking to you is definitely wrong. Wonder if that was an error with the local dispatch or the agent you spoke with. Either way perhaps the community can help find a fix or at least give guidance on replacement so you go back to customer support well informed.

Does the TV say exactly "No Signal", a different (even if similar) error message, or something like a blank screen or such?

What are the models of each box you have?

The normal process that if a tech is needed to go out to fix your service, is that when your TV is working again you call DirecTV to request a Time Without Service credit. That way you are covered from the day you reported the issue and scheduled the appointment to the day of the actual fix. That way the correct amount of days are covered in case you have to reschedule the appointment or figure out a fix before then.


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