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Thursday, August 8th, 2019 8:20 AM

AM-21 on genie 2 would fix my programming problems

I have a Genie 2 and since I upgraded I can not use my AM-21 off air tuner. My local fox affiliate KAYU and Directv are no longer getting along so I can not receive FOX over satellite. Last time this happened I got my AM-21 off air tuner and hooked it up to my receiver and I had the on screen guide and could record FOX on my DVR. I upgraded to the HR 44 and could still use my AM-21 although DirecTV got lazy and stopped updating the channel database. But now I don't get FOX without changing my TV to over the air input. I don't have a problem with that but others in my household only know how to use the Directv remote to watch TV, and I miss the DVR functionality. I see in settings>info that there is still some vestigial local channel settings such as zip code in the OS of the HS 17. I wonder if some smart engineer could get the AM-21 to work with the HS 17 and give Directv a better bargaining position with affiliates who want to charge too much for programming

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ACE - Expert


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4 years ago

Nope, it seems that DTV is not ready to add the HS17 Genie2 to the OTA bandwagon yet as it doesn't support their new LCC either,

ACE - Expert


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4 years ago

AM21 discontinued years ago. Though the accessory is not supported, the database has been getting 'some' updates as their new Local Channel Connector (LCC) uses the same one.

The LCC (still in testing, but temporarily offered to those in an area affected by negotiations) is only compatible with the 2nd and 3rd generation Genie (HR44 and HR54). This is just another reason the Genie-2 (HS17) is not recommended. The HS17 also doesn't allow other receivers on the account, being a Client only system. If it goes down, there go all your TVs, and it is hard capped at 7 tuners. Genie and 2 HDDVRs is 9 tuners, more than the HS17 can reach, and if ever one goes down the others still work as they are full boxes.


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