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Saturday, May 14th, 2022 4:13 PM

Currently have an HR24-100 DVR and would like to upgrade to current technology.

Been a Directv customer since 2008 with essentially the same original equipment and I would like to upgrade please.  

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1 year ago


I added a 1 TB SSD external device for my HR24.  It went without a hitch and works flawlessly. 

It worked so well, that I wanted to do the same with an HR22 I have.   This time, the DVR boots up off of the internal drive.  There is no difference as to whether the external drive is present or not.

To double check the esata interface and the SSD, I hooked that up to the HR24.  It saw the drive and then formatted it.

I again placed it on the HR22, but the situation is the same as before.

Is there something different with an HR22?


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1 year ago

Unplug the HDDVR (in this case the HR22) from power.

Connect the external hard drive.

Plug the hard drive into power first.

Give it a minute and then plug the HR22 back into power.

Be careful not to plug/unplug the eSATA too often. Unfortunately they were made a bit delicate so were expected to say in use long term and not switching boxes in and out too often.


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