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Monday, April 8th, 2024 10:28 PM

Directtv satellite

Hi team,

There was a directtv satellite in our office when we moved in and we will need to remove it. Instead of trashing it, we wanted to see if we could take it to you to be recycled/reused.  We are not a direct tv client and have no account.  
Please advise.



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1 month ago

Hi u/lukyhare. Good question. Once the dish and cables are installed, they become part of the property and DIRECTV does not offer equipment removal after installation. Carmella, DIRECTV Community Specialist

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1 month ago


Once installed everything but the receiver/client boxes become property of the homeowner. So the dish is your to do with as you will. Suggested to leave any mounting plate to protect against leaks.

The LNB (the "eye") can go to electronic recycling and the rest just goes with metal. Some people take old dishes to repurpose so you could list somewhere to pass on if you want.


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