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Tuesday, February 7th, 2023 12:19 AM

Directv equipment return when closing account

I called Directv a few minutes ago and was speaking to a person in their loyalty  department regarding cancelling my service. I inquired about what happens to the equipment once I cancel my service and will someone from directv take down the satellite dish they put up.  I wanted to get this information prior to cancelling my 25 years of being a loyal customer.  At&t/Directv have worn out their welcome in my household. 

The rep was extremely rude and I was rather shocked how disgruntled she was to me.

It appears that directv is not following it's leader in the East and would rather have satellite dishes in landfills or floating down rivers into the ocean.  Directv does not offer any information about recycling their products and when I asked I got my head bit off.  I was told I needed to return the equipment and when I asked where, there was a convenient disconnect on her end of the conversation.  Perhaps she gets a minus score when she has to account for how many customers dropped their service for a given period of time.  She didn't bother to call me back either.  There is no mention of where to return the equipment on the confused website. 

At&t is all to happy to sink directv, a bad investment that turned triple sour all too quickly.  At&t's attitude from their recent decisions and by the disrespectful overtones of their customer service reps will definitely complete their task.  Directv should not make this divorce so ridiculously complicated.   

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1 year ago

AT&T sold off 30% of DTV and the new partner has taken over the day to day operations.

You own the dish and everything but the receivers to remove and recycle or just leave them, the dish is metal but the LNB needs to be taken to an E waste center.

You take returnable receivers to a UPS/FedEx store to scan them in and keep the receipt as proof you returned them.


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1 year ago


Only receiver/client boxes are sent back. Anything else installed, such as the dish, you own. DirecTV does not send anyone for recovery. If those boxes are returnalbe, you take to a participating FedEx/The UPS Store, with your DirecTV account number, for your free return. Make sure not to do this until you have verified account is canceled, and do get a receipt showing the shipper took possession.

What are the models of each box you have? That way you can be prepared to return or recycle as needed. They do not have info for local recycling options for any given area as that is outside their responsibility. However, there is some basic info for a recycling program they have: https://www.directv.com/support/recycle/ 

Umm, DirecTV's "leader in the East"? Sorry, what? DirecTV is an American company. Since AT&T acquired them they have dealt with more outsourced agents, but it is still a local company. They do have a new co-owner, so a lot of movement is expected behind the scenes as AT&T has been passing on day to day management to them. Hopefully the transition doesn't take very long (please be shorter and smoother than the original acquisition by AT&T) and we shall start to experience more knowledgable agents again.

Divorce? Sorry, but I don't see having so much attachment to TV service that I view it as being married. Perhaps taking a break from all TV providers would be helpful.


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