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Sunday, October 29th, 2023 11:57 PM

Goal: Wireless headphone set up that works for both DirecTV AND streaming.

Our DirecTV remote "TV Input" button is how we switch between DirecTV satellite channels and streaming services.  Our Sony Bravia internal speaker system provides sound for either one; however, my husband's wireless headphones pick up only DirecTV.  He wants to hear both through wireless headphones.  I tried a second headphone using the TV audio output, but that did not work.  Anyone know how to:  get sound via headphone(s) for both DirecTV AND all my streaming subscriptions, while also hearing sound from TV internal speakers?  PS, I control the TV internal speaker volume via my Sony remote for whatever I am watching.  

ACE - Expert


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4 months ago

Usually using the TV audio output is what you would use to be able to do that.  So long as it is connected to the DTV receiver that is all it will send.  You should check your TV manual to see if you need to turn the TV audio output on or what. 

ACE - Sage


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4 months ago

You usually need to disable any surround sound settings to feed 2-ch audio to wireless headphones. That's sometimes called "2-ch PCM Audio" or "Stereo Audio" in the audio settings. 


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