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Thursday, July 23rd, 2020 6:32 PM

how do I return or dispose of a dish?

I moved to a condo and apparently the previous owners had used direct tv.  The dish is still in front of the building.  How do I get rid of the dish?  Please advise.





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3 years ago

You own dish so up to you to remove. If you choose to do so, if it is on any roofing in front the building, leave the mounting plate to avoid leaks.


Main part of dish goes to metal recycling. The LNB (the "eye") is recycled with electronics.


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3 years ago

Hello @davismapp


We appreciate you reaching out to us about dish removal. 


When AT&T installs DIRECTV equipment, the exterior equipment including the dish, cabling, switches, etc, become the property of the customer. We do not offer any options for dish removal.


In a situation like this we simply refer to 3rd party for any removal if you're unable to safely remove on your own. 


Once you have the dish removed, you can recycle locally based on local options you may have. You can also visit our recycling site for information by going to http://sm.att.com/9fe5c4d4.


Chad, AT&T Community Specialist. 


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