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Friday, January 19th, 2024 1:03 AM

Is there still a Customer Satisfaction Department at DirecTv for people to speak with.

So, I have been a customer of DirecTv for over 20 years and have never had a complaint until now.  1. What happened to the customer satisfaction department where you could speak to someone and they made sure your experience was flawless in getting help and being satisfied with your service?  2. After 20 years of working with this service I find it hard to believe that I have to pay to go from the Genie systems to the new Gemini systems.  What is up with that?  3. I am hard of hearing and when speaking to people from other ethnic backgrounds it is hard for me to understand them without being able to see them speaking to watch their lips move.  Is there no way to contact a person who speaks American English.  4. I tried to get the Gemini System upgrade for my home and being an amputee they will not even send someone out to hook up the new equipment.  DirecTv is now officially the worst service out there for Customers to deal with and they could not care less about their clients.  After 20+ years of service it appears I will be switching to another system and cutting them lose.  

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3 months ago

There is no Gemini system it is only a new mini client C71KW that can also stream apps without having to change the TV input. No idea why they wouldn't send a tech out to install it.  Unless you have an upgrade coming that would cover one Gemini's up front lease fee then you would have to pay for it.


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3 months ago

1. There is no department actually called "Customer Satisfaction". That is a buzz word used by many to glorify the retention/cancellation department (sometimes even called "loyalty"), though some have referred to front line support with that term as well. In the end, all departments are "Customer Satisfaction" from one perspective or another. So just the different terms that have been used since DirecTV started.

2. You cannot go from the Genie to the Gemini. This is because the Gemini (C71KW) is a Client like a Mini Genie. In essence it is a Mini Genie with the added capability of downloading streaming apps like a Roku, Firestick, etc.

3. When you call you get the next agent available. There is no way to guarantee ethnic background, English being their original first language, gender, where they are located, etc. It is equal opportunity pure and simple. If you cannot understand someone, you callback and try again.

4. Tech is only sent for an upgrade if it requires installing new lines or other work besides just swapping the box. You could request a service call after the fact for $99. Otherwise you arrange for someone else to help you plug in the box.

As for cost of equipment, if it has been over 2 years of active service with account in good standing since your last upgrade (adding a TV counts) than you should be eligible for a free upgrade. That does only cover one box, so if you are trying to do multiple than the others cost as well.

What are the models of each box you have now? Just to be sure you are not looking at something that might be little benefit, or even a downgrade, to the setup you have.


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