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Tuesday, December 19th, 2023 10:19 PM


My bedroom has small receiver from the primary one in the living room. We do not have internet here and for some reason the screen is stuck on Select Wireless Network. I have tried shutting it off, every button on the remote,

ACE - Expert


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6 months ago

That maybe a message from the TV, try its remote.  Only the Genie in the living room can be connected to the internet so maybe try removing it from there.


ACE - Expert


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1 month ago


Receivers are standalone. So "from the primary one" I suspect you mean the small box is a Mini Genie which is a client, not a receiver.

Only the main box connects to internet, so there should be no message about wireless network on the Mini. Sounds more like a message from the TV itself, as many are now capable connecting to internet.

What are the model numbers of each box?

Can you provide a screenshot of the message for comparison?


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