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Sunday, October 22nd, 2023 2:21 PM

upgrading my internet service, should I change DTV equipment?

I have DTV service with an HR44 and have been satisfied. I live in a remote location with poor over the air signals. Until now, my internet service was also satellite based (slow and expensive), and just recently was able to get Spectrum fiber optic service with solid 300 Mb/sec data.

So, at the moment I have kept the DTV service, and am considering upgrading to newer equipment/service. 

One aspect of this decision is the desire to keep a DVR with a programming schedule and menu, with the ability to record and FF through commercials on recordings. 

I'm thinking that there should be a way to do this without a satellite receiver. Does DTV offer a box that can do this? Are there other services? From what I've seen, streaming services are OK, but not as friendly to interface.

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4 months ago

Hello @Jerrycup, we want you to enjoy your service with the best features we offer. We're sending you a DM to start the personalized assistance regarding upgrading you equipment. Laura, DIRECTV Community Specialist

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4 months ago

You could think about getting DIRECTV via INTERNET, which works over the internet as a streaming service and has a device known as the Gemini Air which has a user-friendly interface along with a remote that is extremely similar to that of cable or satellite TV providers.

Moreover, the channel numbers you are used to on satellite are the same for DIRECTV via INTERNET. In other words, ESPN on channel 206 for DIRECTV SATELLITE is also channel 206 on DIRECTV via INTERNET.

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4 months ago

We have ATT Land Line or DSL internet service.  The fastest internet speed is 100Mbps or 5G.  It has been fast enough for 4K w/o any interruptions.   If this is some info you are looking for. 

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4 months ago

DTV sat service requires a DVR and the newest is the HS17 Genie2 but it is a mini client only system with 7 tuners and a 2TB hard drive.

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4 months ago


DirecTV is service by satellite so I don't understand how you think you can upgrade equipment and get rid of a satellite receiver. It is from their own satellite regardless of whom your internet provider is or if you have no internet at all.

Your DirecTV can be connected to your home internet for optional On Demand content. Still doesn't get rid of the receiver of course.

The only way to get rid of the DirecTV receiver is to cancel and go with something else. You can go with a streaming only service, even DIRECTV STREAM (which is separate from DirecTV). But you still have a box of some sort such as a Roku, Firestick, or even the branded DIRECTV STREAM box which means you have something equivalent to a receiver but more based in the cloud.


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