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Wednesday, January 17th, 2024 1:30 PM

Wireless receiver

I have a wireless receiver in my garage. There is a coax connection from the dish in the garage. How do I set up the wireless Genie receiver currently connecting wirelessly to the main receiver to use the coax from the dish instead?

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3 months ago

What is the receiver model? If it is a Gemini then it can be configured via a coaxial connection by buying a DECA to transfer the ethernet connection of the Gemini to a coaxial connection toward the Genie receiver.

Otherwise, the other Genie wireless receivers (C41W, C61W) are unable to be made into a wired client, so you’d need to request one from directv to replace the current wireless receiver. This would cost $19.95 (the shipping cost) or if you have the Protection Plan, the cost for a replacement wired client is FREE. Definitely be sure to tell the agent when you call in that you want a Gemini receiver to replace the current box with (if the current box is a wireless Genie client unable to be made into a wired client). 

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3 months ago


That would a wireless client (not receiver) as it has no tuners of its own and cannot work without the main Genie.

If it is a Mini Genie (C41W or C61W) then they have no wired option.

However, if it is the new Gemini (C71KW), that is the only box that has both wired and wireless capability. 

Personally, I always go wired with an HDDVR for the dedicated tuners and recording space. Complements my Genie well. Unfortunately the Genie-2 (HS17) only allows Clients.

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3 months ago

You would also need a SWM splitter, DTV recommends only 8 splits


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