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Wednesday, January 25th, 2023 7:17 AM

Your satellite service (Edited per community guidelines)

There is no reason for signal issue!! 
Yes I went through all the unplugging and resetting still getting 771. 

You are about to lose a 10+ years customer!!!!!!

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1 year ago

Sure there are reasons for Error 771 ....

  • Dish may have moved slightly and needs realignment.
  • Loose or corroded coax cable connector.
  • Defective dish LNB.
  • Poor weather. 

Call DirecTV to request a service visit and they'll fix it. 

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1 year ago


If there wasn't a reason, then 771 would never happen. Could be an alignment issue or some other connection issue between receiving dish and box, not just what you can unplug.

What model is each of your boxes?

Is the problem on all or just certain ones?

All channels affected or some of them?

Have you checked signal readings? (post/screenshot if you can)

Instead of trying to claim there is no possible reason for the issue, would be more productive to work on getting it fixed.

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1 year ago

771 your dish needs to be realigned !!!!!!!!

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1 year ago


Sometimes, not always. 771 could also suggest a bad LNB, bad cabling, bad receiver, etc.

So while that does seem like the most obvious culprit it doesn’t hurt to ask before we assume and have the OP send out a tech that doesn’t need to be there. 


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