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Saturday, April 27th, 2024 7:20 PM

channel option

Please bring back the network One America News, OAN. I was forced to end my previous cable carrier and the recommended DTV but i am losing this valued channel. Please consider ALL of your many customers who are losing this channel, or lost it in 2022 when you discontinued it. Please bring it back.  This could be a deal breaker to keep DTV in the future if i find another carrier. Thank you for your concern and care  to deliver quality news and other networks to your valued customers. 

N. Rogers

ACE - Expert


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2 months ago

DTV decided to not renew the contract so it will not return unless DTV changes it mind.

ACE - Expert


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2 months ago


AT&T hard decided they would not even renegotiate with OAN. You'll just have to accept it is not coming back to DirecTV. So if you cannot live without that channel then you should look into another TV provider that has it.


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