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Wednesday, May 10th, 2023 5:37 AM


Do I need any new equipment for the transfer? My direct tv... ?

Hello, I recently moved and I need to transfer my DIRECTV service to my new home. Can you please advise on the best way to do this, and do I need any new equipment for the transfer? I've been experiencing issues with my DIRECTV remote. The buttons are sticking and it's difficult to change channels. Is there a way to troubleshoot this issue, or should I request a replacement remote?

I'm looking to upgrade my DIRECTV package and would like some advice. Are there any specific packages that are recommended for sports fans, movie lovers, or families with children? My DIRECTV bill has increased recently without any changes on my part. Are there any promotions or discounts that I may be eligible for, or should I consider switching to a different service provider?

I had a power outage in my area recently, and now my DIRECTV receiver is not working. I've tried unplugging it and resetting it, but it still won't turn on. What should I do next, and will I need a technician to come out and repair the receiver?

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1 year ago

You should have set up a movers order and taken your receivers, power bricks and remotes with you so DTV can install them and the dish if needed.  DTV remotes are cheaper online but the tech may have one.


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1 year ago

As far as packages and pricing go, DIRECTV, like any other provider at the moment, is bleeding from the loss of so many customers to cheaper streaming services as you allude to. I’d recommend (at some point) calling DIRECTV (number in my greeting below) and saying ‘cancel’ to the robot to be sent to the retention/loyalty department where you may threaten to cancel for the sake of your bill price. They may be able to give you a temporary discount (12 months), and a package change would be invited by the agent. They should discuss with you the packages and inform you of channels you’d be getting by upgrading/downgrading. There is also a channel lineup with packages available here:


If your receiver was damaged by a power outage, you’d need to request a replacement, yes. If you end up moving your DIRECTV service to your new room ask the representative from the movers department for a replacement receiver. This costs $19.95 without the Protection Plan (with it is free). 

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1 year ago


Call DirecTV and request to place a Movers order. You take your current boxes to the new place. Those boxes and your TVs will need to be there for the install. It will have a 12 month agreement (or 24 months if you do an upgrade as well). If it has been at least 12 months since your original install (or last move) than the order should be free. Otherwise it is $199.

What are the models of each box you have now? Best to get guidance before you get an agent who goes overboard on equipment options.

Remotes are cheaper through online retailers, but you could always ask the tech if they could provide a new one as a courtesy.

Depends on what you watch on which package would be the best fit. This is their current list: DirecTV Packages & Channel Lineup

As for any promotions, you must call DirecTV to discuss your account. This is a public forum of other customers.

What happens when you try to use the problem box? (symptoms, error message, etc.)

What model is it?

Have you tried another outlet, surge protector, power cord, etc.

HDMI cord secure both ends?

TV verified to be on the correct input? (tends to reset after a power outage)

If the box is the problem, then a tech doesn't come out (not going to take it apart on site). You get shipped a warranty replacement and the old one gets sent back (or recycled if not needed for return).

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1 year ago

Hi, kiakranthi. We look to deliver an outstanding experience and are committed to solving all your concerns. To start the moving process. We are going to contact you over a PM. About your remote control, you can check this link https://www.directv.com/support/satellite/article/KM1010849 to get instructions about replacing it.


Related to your package, depending on your needs, we can search for the options that best suit what you want. We'll need to know the kind of sports, content and channels you'd like to have. This way, we can search for options and get your bill to the right place.


Please check your private messages. We can help you better that way to discuss the details of all of your concerns. Nicolas, DIRECTV Community Specialist


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