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Thursday, March 23rd, 2023 3:40 PM

Is Direct TV deliberately trying to lose customers?

We have used Direct TV for several years.  A local channel, KOLR 10 in Springfield, MO, has been unavailable for the last year due to contract disputes.  This local news, sports, and entertainment channel was one of the main reasons we used Direct TV.  We are also having issues accessing our account, which is a tossed salad of web pages between ATT and Direct TV, with each passing the www ball from one court to the other.  I am almost to the point of dropping service and going with RoKu or some other service if Direct TV doesn't get its act together.  Will D-TV get this ironed out?

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1 year ago

Hopefully you're also leaning on the company that owns KOLR to negotiate. They're the ones that pulled their signal from DirecTV rather than continue negotiations. It's an all-to-common strategy these days from corporations that own FREE over-the-air stations in order to increase their revenues from TV providers like Dish and DirecTV. Switching providers may help in the short term, but all providers go through this mess. 

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1 year ago

Will D-TV get this ironed out?

They should absolutely get your account access issues ironed out. As for the local channel, it takes both sides.

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1 year ago


Would you prefer DirecTV just cave into the local's demands for higher rates? If they do that raises our bills as the customer. My stance is why should TV providers/us customers keep paying more and more for channels free over the regular airways? I didn't go to pay TV for my free locals.

Yes negotiations are a two-way street. However, the local could have left the feed on while they were talking as a sign of good faith, but they didn't. That is their right and a normal tactic to leverage customers against the TV provider.

In such a situation is not that DirecTV needs to get their act together. This is just how negotiations work. Plug in a regular antenna to get the free broadcast, even complain to the network owner about their demands to raise rates.

As for will DirecTV get this ironed out, nobody can guarantee the future on when two sides will agree (if ever).


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