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Monday, September 18th, 2023 12:18 PM

Keep "Free Speech TV" channel

I watch DTV for just for about 3 channels. I am afraid when/if AT&T takes over DTV they will remove the "Free Speech TV" channel. I believe this channel is one of only a handful of channels that is free of corporate control. AT&T is a corporation just as is Comcast and many more communication companies. FSTV is a channel is funded by donations from viewers. If AT&T removes FSTV that would show me that there is a bias against channels that tell the truth, unencumbered by corporate interests. Thank you for keeping  OANN  *off* your channel lineup. Please do the same with other disinformation and propaganda channels. I am an educated and therefore a critical thinker. I can decide from my research what is true and what is not.

FSTV is very hard to get on cable/satellite by design, and if AT&T takes over it may well be removed and/or be placed in a higher, more expensive tier - by design.

Thank you.

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9 months ago

Thanks for the review. DIRECTV and AT&T are now separate companies. FSTV will still be available with DIRECTV satellite Channel 438. We appreciate you.💙

Jill, DIRECTV Community Specialist

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9 months ago


What do you mean when/if AT&T takes over DirecTV? They bought DirecTV a few years ago, so they already took it over. However, recently a new co-owner has taken over main operations. So we shall see what the future holds for any changes to the channel lineup.


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