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Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020 4:26 PM

The channel list for XTRA doesn't match my local channels

The channel list for XTRA shows NBC on CH 07, ABC on CH 13, etc. My TV, using kvh tracvision g4, shows 7-1, 7-2, 7-3, etc., & says Channel Not Available.

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4 years ago

We can help with some local channel information, @jeffbrooks69


If you are wanting to confirm the local channels available for your address specifically, you can enter your information in to our Local Channel Availability Tool


It will confirm all available channels numbers on DIRECTV as well as their Digital Off-Air counterpart.  If you are wanting to view the Off-Air networks that may not be available through DIRECTV, then a separate Digital Antenna will be needed as mentioned by our ACEs.


If you do use a Digital Antenna, here are a couple reminders:

  • It will need to connect to your television directly; you’ll change the input to Antenna or Cable, away from your DIRECTV input (typically HDMI x).
  • You will need to run a scan on the television to pick up available channels
  • There is not a way to connect an antenna to the DIRECTV Receiver, outside specific scenarios

Please let us know if this information addresses your concern.


Meaghan, AT&T Community Specialist

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4 years ago

That is an SD only dish that is now obsolete as DTV is shutting down the MPEG2 channels. The 7-1,7-2 etc are local OTA (Over The Air) channels that DTV doesn't carry so I assume your TV is on the ANT input and not on the DTV HDMI input.

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4 years ago



KVH Trackvision is an old MPEG-2 receiving dish. DirecTV has been shutting down their MPEG-2 feeds since April 2019. That will need replacing. What are the models of each of your boxes? Just in case any need to be replaced as well (covered by their complimentary swap program).


DirecTV doesn't carry sub-channels. So anything like 4-3, 4-3/4.2, 4.3, etc. should only come through on a traditional over-the-air (OTA) antenna, not the DirecTV service itself.


Keep in mind the locals shown for DirecTV at www.directv.com/locals are for your home service address only. Once you travel outside your home's spot beam, you don't get locals through DirecTV itself but only with an OTA antenna for whatever is in range.

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4 years ago

Those are over the air sub channels which are only available with an antenna


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