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Monday, January 30th, 2023 4:45 PM

Won’t connect to satellite and I haven’t moved box

Error messgae 785 can’t connect to satellite 

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1 year ago

Do you mean error code 775? What receivers do you have ( model numbers)? Any changes other than moving the box that could have caused this? Have you tried a red button reset (side by the access card for HR54 series or front where it says ‘PUSH’)?

IF you have a power inserter, is it plugged in properly and is the indicator light a solid green? Do any other receivers have this issue (if you have multiple)?

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1 year ago

If Error 775 :  This might help: directv communication error 775 - Search (bing.com)

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1 year ago


Is 785 actually 775 or another error code?

What model is your box?

Did anything happen before issue started?

Problem on all boxes or just the one?

What troubleshooting has been tried?

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1 year ago

775 means:


Problem Communicating w/ Dish

* SWiM power inserter may need to be plugged

* The network can't detect the SWiM due to
loss to the SWiM.

* No SWiM installation is present


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