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Wednesday, August 26th, 2020 1:45 PM


MSNBC Recording issue

Once again, DirecTV isn’t recording MSNBC on time. This happens at least twice a year. It’s only MSNBC, all of my other recordings are starting and stopping properly. 

Yesterday, every show started 27 minutes late. Today, it was 15 minutes late. I record Morning Joe on a season pass. Because of the time issue yesterday, I also recorded the program prior to it. First Look started 15 minutes late, but ended on time (15 minutes early), so I still missed the Beginning of Morning Joe again. 

Why does this keep happening???

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4 years ago

Let’s look into this MSNBC recording issue @Mosky!


The most common cause for programming to get thrown off schedule like that is if some other programming/broadcast extends past the allotted time given, therefore all the programs running after that are likely going to start late.


Can you confirm if there was a programming that aired before the programming you recorded that could have caused this?


There is an option to add extensions to certain shows on channels that can be affected by this. This will allow that show to record past the window it was scheduled for so if it gets pushed back again, you can fast forward to it and still have the entire show recorded. This is recommended for any shows that air on channels where games are played on during the season since some games can go into overtime.


To add an extension:

  • Press List on the remote
  • Select Manage Recordings
  • Select Series Manager
  • Select the title you are needing to extend
  • Select Series Options on the left menu
  • Change the Stop time at the bottom to add the extension

Please let us know if this information helps resolve the issue.
Jessika, AT&T Community Specialist

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6 days ago

I know. It straight up didn’t record Maddow tonight. It’s (Edited per community guidelines)ing annoying!


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6 days ago

For $100+ a month I expect better!!!!


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